Combine Harvester Stock

Combine Harvesters are a modern and versatile equipment designed for harvesting various grain crops in an efficient manner. This machine performs all harvesting operations simultaneously, including reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing.


Mass quantities of grain can be harvested more efficiently using this complex but essential piece of equipment. It is a self-propelled machine and does not require a tractor to operate as opposed to its traditional predecessors.


Kubota is a trusted combine manufacturer that continues to adapt its machinery to latest technology and as per the needs of farmers. Today's farmers can monitor their combines performance remotely using apps, which is a handy technological feature. Kubota has successfully mechanised traditional and labour-intensive farming activities like rice transplanting and harvesting through their reliable Combine Harvesters.


Choosing the right combine harvester is key to achieving optimum results in a safe and efficient manner. Kubota's Combines offer fuel efficiency, better drive response and improved traction.


As new Combines can be fairly expensive, farmers can get their hands on used Combines to minimise their costs. All Combines come with specific features that are useful determinants of their value whether used or brand new. Buyers can get in touch with tractor dealers to discuss the Combines' specifications and usage or regarding repairs and replacement of parts.


Our Kubota Combines are designed to run at 100% capacity and for that, it requires proper maintenance and care. Pre-season inspection and being attentive to the machine's trouble spots can guarantee optimum performance during harvest season.

Our wide range of combine harvesters include:

  • Kubota/DC-70G
  • Kubota/DC-95GM
  • Kubota/DC-105X
  • Kubota/DC-70G Plus
  • Kubota/DC-70
  • Kubota/DC-60
  • Kubota/DC-1SU

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